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Whether in your home, business, or place of worship, a quality audio/video system is a must-have. Frein Audio & Technology provides solutions for everything from personal entertainment to large-scale commercial facilities.


Finding the right solution to your commercial audio/video needs starts with identifying the current issues. Lucas Frein's extensive training as an audio engineer allows him to evaluate your space and understand the problems you are currently facing. He will work with you and your team to ensure your new or updated system will fulfill your current goals and position you well for future technology upgrades.


The way people worship is changing. Contemporary and traditional places of worship alike are now using video projection, modern sound systems, and even live-streaming their services to bring their message to all. Lucas Frein has worked with churches of all sizes to meet their needs. If you've already started on the technology path, this might include enhancing or expanding what is already in place and training staff or volunteers to better use your current system. Other churches are ready to start from scratch and build the sound and video system that will draw in new members and delight your devoted followers.


These days, a home entertainment system is so much more than just connecting your television to a cable box. Frein Audio & Technology will work with you to develop a solution that allows you to entertain (or be entertained) effortlessly. From home theaters to whole-house audio, Lucas will integrate your streaming devices, cable, Blue Ray/DVD player, router, speakers, and more into an easy-to-use system.

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