It's time to take "smart" to the next level. Frein Audio & Technology will connect your home entertainment, lights, thermostat, security, etc., to make your home or business work for you.

Smart Home Installation

Smart home devices are growing increasingly popular in homes and businesses. In most cases, buyers are not using these devices to their full potential. Frein Audio & Technology can simplify your life by installing and maximizing the use of a smart home system. Simply say "good morning" to your device, and your lights could turn on, coffee machine may start brewing, and your favorite morning news program can start on your television. 

Efficiency and Control

Connecting your devices can not only make your life easier, it can save you money and help protect your home. Control your thermostat from anywhere you have wireless access, or see who is ringing your doorbell when you're at work.

Ready to find out more?

Contact Frein Audio & Technology today for a complete evaluation of your current technology platform and to learn how Frein Audio & Technology can make the devices you depend on more efficient and convenient at your home or business.

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