Frein Audio & Technology provides sound reinforcement for events of all sizes, including live music festivals and business presentations.

Live Sound

Big or small, the sound for your event matters. If it's too loud, too quiet, or not clear, you will lose the attention of your audience. That's why the right sound reinforcement is crucial for your event. Frein Audio & Technology has more than a decade of experience in this field and is the trusted company for many of North Iowa's signature events and favorite local talent.


You've spent weeks or months planning for the keynote speaker at your business meeting or convention. But have you thought about how your audience will hear the audio/video components of their presentation, or the speaker themselves? Often it's the last thing organizers think about in planning... and the first thing that goes wrong when the presentation starts. Be prepared by hiring Frein Audio & Technology, and rest assured your presenter will be able to "plug and play" when they arrive on the day of your event.