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Structured Cabling

A solid network infrastructure is essential for communications, workflow and productivity in all businesses. We work with a variety of brands for any CAT6, CAT6A or Fiber Optic job you need done, the way you want it. Ensure quality, consistent and certified connectivity with Frein Audio & Technology! 


As anyone that has worked in retail that offered card payment knows, it's a terrible time when that system goes offline. Internal telephony, email services and basic internet-connected functions within the company can come to a halt and many more issues can arise from having a lackluster network backbone. No matter the size of your company, with Frein Audio & Technology, we can implement a solution that perfectly fits your company's present and future needs so you won't ever have to worry about these hindrances to productivity and flow.


Including many of the issues within commercial workplaces, robust network connectivity is paramount in an industrial setting. With many machines and other devices communicating with each other internally as well as the outside world, it is vital to have a quality, clean, carefully-planned and organized infrastructure. From any scale of size, choose us to ensure a quality and constant connection so production never ceases.

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